CHATEAU DE ROLLAND is a winery of 20 Hectares (50 acres), where sweet, white wine of BARSAC-SAUTERNES is produces, and also red, rosé and dry white wines.
It is located in BARSAC, near to SAUTERNES saouth of BORDEAUX in the Gironde region


The CHATEAU DE ROLLAND is likely one of the oldest properties of BARSAC – from the 15th century. Afterwards, the wine region officially obtained its own designation of origin.

The winery was obtained in 1492 by the family "de ROLLAND", who kept it until 1796.

Six different families ran the winery between 1797 and 1971. Since then, the GUIGNARD family exploits the 20 ha vineyard that lay around the winery.  


BARSAC is located 38 kms South-East from Bordeaux, on the left hand side of the Garonne River on the mouth of the Ciron creek. The crossing of the river and the cold-watered creek from the Landes region create an exceptional micro-climate that is favourable to the development of the Botrytis cinerea, the "noble rot" that transforms the grape and concentrates its content.

BARSAC is located on the designation of origin "AOC SAUTERNES", that includes five municipalities : SAUTERNES, FARGUES, BOMMES, PREIGNAC AND BARSAC.
Moreover, wines produced in the municipality of Barsac have the designation of origin "AOC BARSAC". Therefore, our sweet white wines have the two designations, AOC BARSAC and AOC SAUTERNES.

The landscape in Barsac is one of a lowland plateau (approximately 18 meters above sea level) that is inclined to the North against the Garonne River. Its well-known site is easily recognized, thanks to the stone walls that encircle the vineyards.

The area of CHATEAU DE ROLLAND, close to the Garonne River, has a very fertile and sandy soil for one part of the estate. For the other part, the soil is gritty and located above a naturally well drained, cracked subsoil.